claude giroux

Claude Giroux Arrested for Grabbing a Cop’s Ass

Claude Giroux, the captain centerman for the Philadelphia Flyers was arrested and thrown in jail after a night of heavy drinking in Ottawa. First reported by the Ottawa Sun, the story involves boozing and Giroux grabbing a few locker room worthy handfuls of Ottawa’s finest’s buttocks. Although few details were immediately available, a source said […]

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Don’t Mess With Chef: Favreau Back to His Swingers Days as El Jefe

The First (Non-Animated) Food Movie Worth Watching I pass a family of tourists mulling about beside Olde City Tavern, turn off a gray cobblestone street in Philadelphia and putz through  the tinted black doors of the Ritz East theater. The AC cooled indie – film reservoir is nearly empty, but it’s a lazy Friday afternoon and […]

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